Are You Descended from Pocahontas?

This article was written to support an article about Pocahontas' modern descendants, in connection with the main story of our visit to Virginia in 2007.

Establishing a Linear Descendance

How can we know whether Person B is or isn't a direct descendant of Person A? If we have a full enough family tree that both people are in the graph, there is either a line of descent between them or not. If there are several generations between the two people, this brute-force method can be tedious. For instance, suppose they are seven generations apart. Then B can have as many as 128 paths to A's generation. There are online genealogical sites like WikiTree and FamousKin that produce these maps, but they usually don't have seven layers; three or four would be typical. How do we handle the case of two incomplete maps?

If B has an ancestor C who is also a descendant of A, then it follows that B is a direct descendant of A, as illustrated here. So we can establish the truth if we have deep enough family trees: ancestors of B and descendants of A. If all of B's oldest known ancestors are younger than all of A's youngest known descendants, the test is complete. If we search A's descendant tree for each ancestor of B and find a match, the line of descent is established. No match, no relation.

Here's how to use this method to establish some unlikely roots. Of course, it helps to have two people in mind to start with. Let's consider the department store founder Rowland H. Macy and coffee baron Peter Folger. These men were born two hundred years apart, so there's not much hope of finding a single genealogical chart that covers them both. But we can get our information in stages. It's a little tedious, but not overly so. Let's look at the oldest ancestors of Rowland Macy (click the ancestors button) and see if we can find a match among Peter Folger's descendants (descendants button). Not too far down the list of Macy's great-great-grandparents, we find a likely candidate in Daniel Folger. A simple text search among Folger's descendants finds the same name, with the right birth and death dates, and the right wife. It checks out: Peter Folger was Rowland Macy's 4th great-grandfather.

Using the same technique, we can examine Thomas Edison's ancestors and Robert Treat's descendants to learn that Edison was Treat's 5th great-grandson, with Phebe Baldwin Ogden making the connection. Robert Treat was an early governor of Connecticut, who also founded the city of Newark, New Jersey. Maybe producing genes for Edison makes up for giving us Newark.

Dozens of sources tell us that certain famous people are descended from Pocahontas, but none of them explain that assertion. It may be that the stories have been repeated so many times that they take on the appearance of truth, or that each one cites another in a circular gesture of support. Two examples are

Mr. Lowell was born 260 years after Pocahontas, and Mrs. Reagan more than three hundred. It is not likely we will find family trees of either that go back to Pocahontas' time. Mr. Lowell would have to look back eight or nine generations to find a contemporary of the "American Princess;" Mrs. Reagan, three or four more. Even going back half the distance, as already described, is quite a stretch. But we can do some intelligent searching.

Any mathematician can tell you it's easier to prove something than to refute it. One example proves the truth of an assertion. To prove it false, we have to find all possible ways it can't be true. Because of Pocahontas' unique situation, we don't really have to look back all the way to her spot in the family tree to prove a descendant. Because there were three generations of only children, we only need to test whether a candidate was descended from Col. John Fairfax Bolling (1676–1729). If we include "White Bollings," we need to look back one generation further to his father, Robert Bolling (1646–1709).

It's a small stretch to say that we only need to examine a candidate's ancestors until we find one who was born before John (or Robert) Bolling's first child. If we look back to 1698 (when Jane Bolling Randolph was born) and find an ancestor in Pocahontas' line, the case is made. If we follow all branches back that far and find nobody in Pocahontas' line, the person in question can't be a Red Bolling. To prove or rule out White Bollings, we need to go back to 1682, when Robrt Bolling II was born. He was the oldest child of Robert Bolling and his second wife Ann Stith. That is, he was the oldest possible progenitor of White Bollings.

Percival Lowell

Fortunately for our curiosity, Percival Lowell was from a patrician New England family. On his father's side, his family tree is known all the way back to and beyond another man named Percival Lowell (1570–1664). His mother's ancestors are just as well documented. Here is Percival Lowell's complete family tree, as far back as the ancestors who were born before 1682. I've shown how this analysis can be extended recursively, to show that the modern Percival Lowell is not a Pocahontas descendant, and also hot a White Bolling.

Each ancestor born before 1682 is shown in bold-face type. They are also shown with a shaded background, to indicate they've been ruled out as a descendant of Pocahontas. Where father and mother are both ruled out this way, we can also rule out their children. Each child who is ruled out this way also gets a shaded background, on and on until every single one of Mr. Lowell's ancestors has been eliminated.

The reader will note that this analysis only requires us to compare the an ancestor with one person among Pocahontas' descendants. That person is different if we're looking for Red or White Bollings, but there is only one criterion in each case.

Percival Lowell 1855-1916

Augustus Lowell 1830-1900

John Amory Lowell 1798-1881

John Lowell III 1769-1840

John A. Lowell 1743-1802

John Lowell 1704-1767

Ebenezer Lowell 1675-1711

Elizabeth Jewell 1675-1761

Sarah Champney 1704-1756

Noah Champney 1677-1728

Sarah Tunnell 1643-

Sarah Higginson 1745-1772

Stephen H. Higginson 1716-1761

John Higginson III 1675-1718

Margaret Sewell 1657-1736

Elizabeth Mary Cabot 1715-1797

John Cabot 1680-1742

Anna Cabot 1678-1722

Rebecca Amory 1771-1842

John Amory 1728-1803

Thomas Amory 1682-1728

Rebecca Holmes 1701-1770

Francis Holmes 1676-1726

Rebecca Wharfe 1664-1730

Katherine Greene 1731-1777

Rufus Greene 1707-1777

Nathaniel Greene 1679-1714

Anne Gould 1685-1728

Thomas Gould 1660-

Frances Robinson 1660-

Katherine Stanbridge 1708-1768

Edward Stanbridge 1688-1734

—— Stanbridge 1689-

Elizabeth Cabot Putnam 1807-1881

Samuel Putnam 1768-1853

Gideon Putnam 1726-1811

Tarrant Putnam 1688-1733

Benjamin Putnam 1664-1715

Hannah -- 1628-1706

Elizabeth Bacon 1695-1761

Jonathan Bacon 1672-1754

Elizabeth Giles 1671-1738

Hannah Browne 1732-1813

Abraham Browne 1686-1762

Henry Browne Jr. 1659-1708

Hannah Putnam 1663-1730

Jerusha Raymond 1694-

Jonathan Raymond 1666-1745

Sarah Woodbury 1668-1747

Sarah Gooll 1772-1867

John Gooll 1745-1776 [1]

Lois Pickering 1742-1815

Timothy Pickering 1703-1778

John Pickering III 1658-1722

Sarah Burrill1661-1747

Mary Wingate 1708-1784

Joshua Wingate 1679-1769

Mary Lunt 1682-1772

Katherine Bigelow Lawrence 1832-1896

Abbott Lawrence 1792-1855

Samuel Lawrence 1754-1827

Amos Lawrence Sr. 1716-1785

John Lawrence 1667-1746

Anna Bancroft 1670-1732

Abigail Abbott 1721-1784

Nehemiah Abbott Jr.1691-1767

Nehemiah Abbott 1667-1750

Abigail Lovejoy 1669-1747

Sarah Foster 1693-1755

William Foster Jr. 1670-1755

Sarah Kimball 1669-1729

Susanna Parker 1755-1845

Isaac Parker 1685-1762

Joseph Parker Sr. 1653-1725

Hannah Blood 1664-1728

Ruth Parker 1683-1759

Katherine Bigelow 1793-1860

Timothy Bigelow 1767-1821

Timothy Bigelow 1739-1790

Daniel Bigelow 1697-1789

Joshua Bigelow 1655-1745

Elizabeth Flagg 1655-1729

Elizabeth Whitney 1702-1789

Nathaniel Whitney II 1675-1730

Mercy Robinson 1676-1740

Anna Andrews 1746-1809

Samuel Andrews 1715-1760

Daniel Andrews 1686-1717

Daniel Andrews 1643-1711

Sarah —— 1617?-

Hannah Peabody 1653?-

Anna Rankin 1720-1766

James Rankin 1690-1760

William Rankin 1658-1730

Dorothy —— 1668-1760

Rachel Irving 1695?- [2]

Lucy Prescott 1767-1852

Oliver Prescott 1731-1804

Benjamin Prescott 1696-1738

Jonas Prescott 1648-1723

Mary Loker 1653-1735

Abigail Oliver 1697-1765

Thomas Oliver 1645-1715

Mary Wilson 1661-1729

Lydia Baldwin 1735-1798

David Baldwin 1696-1770

Henry Baldwin II 1664-1739

Abigail Fiske 1674-1771

Abigail Jennison 1702-1767

William Jennison 1676-1744

Elizabeth Golding 1673-1766


There are two special cases that should be explained, called out as notes in Mr. Lowell's family tree. Both rely on a fact about Thomas Rolfe, son of Pocahontas and John Rolfe. Thomas was born in Virginia, but lived in England for a few years. He returned to Virginia as a young adult, and all of his descendants lived in the New World afterward. Similar is true of Robert Bolling, progenitor of the White Bollings. He was born in Virginia, and all of his descendants remained established in North America. Some of these families may have moved away after a hundred years or so, but that isn't important for this line of thinking.

[1] John Gooll was born in Scotland in 1745. Therefore he could not be descended from Robert Bolling, on either the Red or the White side.

[2] James and Rachel Rankin immigrated from Ireland in 1718. Like John Gooll, this rules them out as descendants of Robert Bolling. Also, James Rankin's parents are known and are old enough to rule him out for the Pocahontas line.

Percival Lowell gives us a good, clean example. With a family tree that is known for several generations back, it's possible to say conclusively that none of his ancestors put him into the category of Red or White Bollings. The man was a lot of things, but he was not a descendant of Pocahontas.

Nancy Reagan

Nancy reagan's heritage presents more of a problem, as we shall soon see. There are numerous sources that tell us she is descended from Pocahontas, including one dedicated to stories about first ladies of the U.S. Not one of them explains how this is true. They also tell us that Edith Wilson is a descendant, but this is easily proven. Mrs. Reagan's case is a bit more difficult than Mr. Lowell's. The same technique is useful, but this time there are some genealogical dead ends, particularly on Mrs. Reagan's mother's side.

Thanks to a website dedicated to finding kinship among famous people, we can construct a fairly detailed family tree for Nancy Reagan, adding some missing information from geni.com.

We'll use the same method that we used to analyze Percival Lowell's case, but a few additional tricks are needed. Some of the lines can't be traced back far enough to eliminate them as bloodlines from Robert Bolling (potential White Bollings), so we'll introduce the same discriminator to compare against the oldest child of John Fairfax Bolling. If a person is older than that (born 1698), their progeny cannot be Red Bollings. People in this category are identified by showing their names with a light red background.

One more assumption needs to be explained, because some of the people are known but their birth years are not. I have estimated a latest-possible birth year for these people, by assuming they are no more than seventeen years older than any of their children. In one or two cases, this assumption had to be applied twice. I believe it is conservative enough.

This reduces the known family tree from the sample at the left of the screen, to what you see at right. The yellow shading indicates candidates to be compared to Pocahontas' descendants. If the candidate is a descendant, then so is Nancy Reagan. If none of them are, then nobody on the list is descended from Pocahontas — including Nancy Reagan. This candidate list is repeated when the text continues, just after the family tree.


Nancy Reagan (Anne Frances Robbins) 1921-2016

Kenneth Robbins 1894-1972

John Robbins 1859-1917

Edward Robbins b. 1836

John N. Robbins 1803-1893

Thomas Robbins 1772-1826

Lemuel Robbins Jr. 1742-1824

Lemuel Robbins 1715-1786

Jeduthan Robbins 1667-1721

Hannah Pratt 1671-1726

Esther Dunham b. 1717

Micajah Dunham 1673-1760

Elizabeth Lazell 1681-1759

Rachel Bass 1750-

Thomas Bass 1701-1787

John Bass 1675-1753

Elizabeth Neale 1675-

Dorothy Parish 1710-1778

John Parish d. 1715

Mary Wattell

John Wattell


Asenath Griswold 1773-1831

Ezekiel Griswold 1736-1829

David Griswold 1701-1760

Daniel Griswold b. 1656

Mindwell Bissell 1663-1726

Huldah Brown 1709-1785

Cornelius Brown 1672-1747

Abigail Barber 1678-

Anna Munson 1745-1782

Elizabeth Seymour 1808-1870

Jared Seymour 1766-1833

Andrew Seymour 1734-1773

Samuel Seymour 1695-1754

Matthew Seymour 1669-1735

Sarah Hayes 1673-1712

Mary Lynn d. 1753

Andrew Lynn

Mary --

Sarah Crissey 1735-1804

Nathaniel Crissey

John Crissey


Hannah Hoyt 1704-1749

John Hoyt 1675-1735

Abigail Holmes 1682-1732

Abigail Seeley 1765-1845

Abijah Seeley 1733-

John Seeley 1693-1756

Obadiah Seeley 1670-1745

Susannah Finch 1670-1745

Abigail Bishop 1696-1757

Stephen Bishop 1660-1722

Mercy -- 1662-1736

Lydia Hoyt 1737-

Jeremiah Hoyt d.1789

Benjamin Hoyt Jr. 1671-1747

Elizabeth Jagger 1678-

Lydia Weed 1714-1784

Benjamin Weed 1681-

Mary Pennoyer d. 1732

Emily Barnes 1836-1863

James N. Barnes 1804-1880

Charity Ives 1811-1868

Joseph Ives 1783-1869

Abner Anor Ives 1740-1790

Joseph Ives Jr. 1709-1766

Joseph Ives 1674-1755

Esther Benedict 1679-1752

Mamre Munson 1712-1744

Samuel Munson 1668-1741

Mary Preston 1674-1755

Rachel Wilmot 1746?-

Valentine Wilmot 1713-1790

John Wilmot 1667-1731

Sarah Clark 1671-1718

Rachel Johnson 1716-1765

Isaac Johnson 1672-1750

Abigail Cooper 1679-1724

Polly Hall 1792-1877

Erastus Hall 1776-1852

Moses Hall 1732-1812

Ichabod Hall 1701-1787

Samuel Hall 1664-1733

Elizabeth Bourne 1658-1708

Lois Kibbe 1709-1796

John Kibbe 1667-1755

Hannah Phelps 1677-1755

Sarah Johnson 1732-1812

Phoebe Buell 1777-1842

John Buell 1750-1842

Jedediah Buell 1704-1788

David Buell 1679-1749

Phoebe Fenner 1673-1749

Deborah Shether 1715-1788

John Sheather 1685-1751

John Sheather 1651-1721

Elizabeth Wellman 1657-1718

Dorcas —— 1692-1748

Ruth Wellman 1754-1814

Benjamin Wellman 1727?-

William Wellman 1696-

William Wellman 1661-1736

Elizabeth Joy 1661-1729

Ruth Hurd 1697-

Ebenezer Hurd 1668-1750

Sarah Lane 1666-1724

Patience Griswold 1734-

Walter Griswold 1700-1745

John Griswold 1652-1717

Bathsheba North 1654-1736

Sarah Patience Wright 1704-1734

James Wright 1675-1718

Judith Bushnell 1677-1716

Anne Francis b. 1868

Frederick Francis 1834-1913

Manning Francis 1804-1890

Luke Francis 1772-1849

Josiah Francis 1735-1814

John Francis III 1710-1738

John Francis Jr. 1684-1749

John Francis 1658-1711

Mercy Chittenden 1662-1745

Mary Hatch 1688-1718

Mary Dodd

Edward Dodd


Abigail Spencer 1737-1814

Obadiah Spencer 1695-1783

Obadiah Spencer 1666-1741

Ruth Kelsey 1676-1732

Ann Burr 1694-1765

Thomas Burr 1645-

Sarah Speck

Gerard Speck


Mehitable Sackett 1779-

Daniel Sackett Jr. 1734-1824

Daniel Sackett 1693-1776

John Sackett Jr. 1660-1745

Deborah Filley 1661-1701

Mary Weller 1707-1789

Eleazer Weller Jr. 1675-1744

Mary Mosley 1673-1746

Mehitable Caldwell 1740-1829

Abel Caldwell 1703-1780

Matthew Cadwell 1668-1719

Abigail Beckley 1675-1755

Ann Dwight 1710-

Nathaniel Dwight 1666-1711

Mehitable Partridge 1675-1756

Elizabeth Root 1809-1896

George Root 1782-1828

Ezekiel Root 1736-1808

John Root 1705-1781

John Root 1676-1744

Mary Leonard 1687-1766

Josiah Leonard 1658-1688

John Leonard d.1676

Sarah Heath d. 1711

Sarah Dumbleton d.1694

John Dumbleton


Ann Loomis 1710-

William Loomis 1672-1738

Martha Morley 1682-1753

Ruth Noble 1744-1812

Asa Noble 1715-1797

Luke Noble 1675-1744

Ruth Wright 1687-

Joseph Wright d. 1698

Ruth Sheldon 1663-

Isaac Sheldon 1629-1708

Mary Woodford 1636-

Bethia Noble 1721-1787

Matthew Noble Jr. 1698-1771

Matthew Noble 1668-1744

Hannah Dewey 1672-1745

Joanna Stebbins 1697-1763

Samuel Stebbins 1646-1708

Abigail Brooks 1665-

Honor Robbins 1788-1848

Nathaniel Robbins Jr. 1745-1795

Nathaniel Robbins 1708-1783

Joshua Robbins Jr. 1681-1733

Sarah Bidwell 1681-1744

Mary Robbins 1712-1781

Richard Robbins 1687-1738

John Robbins Jr. 1649-1689

Mary Boardman 1644-1721

Martha Curtis 1690-1753

John Curtis Jr. 1667-1712

Elizabeth Wright 1667-1712

Elizabeth Deming 1747-1820

Thomas Deming Jr. * 1712-1755

Thomas Deming 1679-1747 *

Mary williams 1671-1751 *

Elizabeth Smith 1710-

Samuel Smith

Rebina --

Jessie Stevens 1842-1888

Joel Stevens 1815-

William Stevens 1776-1840

Joel Stevens 1749-1830

Anna Deming 1749-1798

Thomas Deming Jr. * 1712-1755

Thomas Deming 1679-1747 *

Mary Williams 1671-1751 *

Elizabeth Smith 1710-

Samuel Smith

Rebina --

Betsey -- 1779-1853

Jessy Ayers 1820-1890

Edith Luckett 1888-1987

Charles Edward Luckett 1845-1923

Thomas Luckett 1815-

Sara Ann Taylor 1824-1889

Sarah Whitlock 1854-1917

Edward Whitlock 1820-1856

John Whitlock

Sarah --

Martha Wells 1821-1879


These people were not born early enough to eliminate them as descendants of Pocahontas by the "not Red" or "not White" criteria. If any one of them has Pocahontas' blood, then so does Nancy Reagan. If none are descended from Pocahontas, then neither is Mrs. Reagan.

— on her father's side — on her mother's side
Anna Munson 1745-1782
James N. Barnes 1804-1880
Sarah Johnson 1732-1812
Joel Stevens 1749-1830
Betsey —— (Stevens) 1779-1853
Jessy Ayers 1820-1890
Thomas Luckett b. 1815
Sara Ann Taylor 1824-1889
John Whitlock
Sarah —— (Whitlock)
Martha Wells 1821-1879

Wyndham Robertson's 1887 list of Pocahontas' descendants has been revised and corrected five times. None of these candidates' names appear in that tome, nor in its several revisions. We must conclude that Edith Wilson was the only First Lady who descended from Pocahontas. No matter how often it is repeated that Nancy Reagan is in that bloodline, it simply isn't so.


For completeness, this is Pocahontas' line of descendancy as given by Wyndham Robertson in 1877, to the seventh generation. Most, but not all, of the seventh generation was born after 1800. So, in general, this is as far back as one would need to find a person's ancestors in order to check that person as a possible descendant of Pocahontas.

Pocahontas m. John Rolfe

Thomas Rolfe m. Jane Poyntress

Jane Rolfe m. Col. Robert Bolling

John Bolling m. Mary Kennon

John Bolling m. Elizabeth Blair

Thomas Bolling m. Elizabeth Gay (5G)

Elizabeth Bolling m. William Robertson

Archibald Robertson m. Elizabeth M. Bolling

Thomas Bolling Robertson m. Lelia Skipwith

William Robertson m. Christina Williams

John Robertson m. Anne Trent

Anne Robertson m. Henry Skipwith

Jane Gay Robertson m. John Bernard

Wyndham Robertson m. Mary F.T. Smith

Rebecca Bolling m. William Murray (5G)

William Bolling m. Mary Randolph (6G)

Ann Meade Bolling m. Joseph K. Weisiger

William Albert Bolling m. Eliza Christian

Thomas Bolling m. Louisa Morris

Jane Rolfe Bolling m. Robert Skipwith (7G)

Thomas Bolling

Mary Bolling

John Bolling m. Martha Jefferson

Martha Bolling m. Field Archer

Powhatan Archer m. —— Walthall

Martha Archer m. John Bolling

Ellen Archer m. —— Berry

Mary Archer m. Edward Covington

Lucy Archer m. —— Archer

John Bolling m. —— Kennon

Evelina Bolling m. Alexander Garrett

Susan Bolling m. John Scott

—— Bolling m. —— ——

Edward Bolling m. Dolly Payne

Powhatan Bolling m. —— Payne

Archibald Bolling m. Anne E. Wigginton

Edward Bolling m. Ann Cralle

Alexander Bolling m. Susan Gray

Archibald Bolling m. Catharine Payne

Mary Bolling m. Edward Archer

Peter Jefferson Archer m. M. Michaux

Robert Bolling m. Mary Burton

Mary Burton Bolling m. Robert Bolling

Mary Burton Augusta Bolling m. John Monro Bannister

Pocahontas Rebecca Bolling m. Joseph Cabell

Sophonisba E. Cabell m. Robert H. Grayson

Sarah Bolling Cabell m. Elisha Meredith

Charles J.Cabell

Edward Blair Cabell m. Harriet Forbes Monroe

Benjamin William S. Cabell m. Sarah Eppes Doswell

Mary P. Cabell m. Peyton Doswell

Elizabeth Blair Bolling m. Thomas West

West —— m. James S. Jones

West —— m. Joel W. Flood

Linnaeus Bolling m. Mary Markham

mary Bolling m. James Cobbs

Susan Bolling m. Robert T. Hubard

Philip A. Bolling m. Mary Eppes

Robert Bolling m. Sarah Hobson

Powhatan Bolling

Mary Bolling m. Richard Bland

Richard Bland m. Susanna Poythress

Richard Bland m. —— ——

John Bolling Bland m. —— Eppes

Sarah Bland m. Thomas Bott

Theodorick Bland m. Mary Harrison

Mary Bland m. Elgin Russell

Anna P. Bland m. Peter Woodlief

Hannah Woodlief m. —— Hardaway

Anna Woodlief m. —— Jeffrey

Elizabeth Woodlief m. Shadrach Alfriend

Sarah Bolling m. John Tazewell

Elizabeth . Samuel Griffin Tazewell

Littleton Tazewell m. Catherine Nevison

Sarah Bolling Tazewell m. William O. Goode

William Tazewell m. Mary Page Tanner

Willianna Blair Tazewell

Catharine Nevison Tazewell m. C.I. Fox

Henrietta Watkins Tazewell m. C.I. Fox

Mary Louisa Tazewell m. J.B. Southall

Sally Bolling Tazewell m. George Fitzgerald

Martha Jefferson Tazewell m. J.B. Southall

Jane Rebecca Tazewell

Nancy Rosalie Tazewell m. Andrew L. Ellett

Isabella Tazewell

Archibald Bolling m. Sarah Cary

Sarah Bolling m. Joseph Cabell Megginson

William C. Megginson m. Amanda M. Bocock

Elizabeth C. Megginson m. William Berkeley

Archibald Bolling Megginson m. Ann R. White

Joseph C. Megginson m. Almira Montgomery

Samuel B. Megginson m. Mary A. Johnston

Jane Randolph Megginson m. Nathaniel Powell

John R. Megginson m. Mary R. Dunn

Benjamin C. Megginson m. Fanny Blain

Anne Everard Bolling m. Sheppard Duval, Joseph Cabell

Samuel Sheppard Duval

Archibald Bolling Duval

Jane Randolph Cabell m. Philip T. Allen

John R. Cabell m. Mary C. Wardlaw

Elizabeth Robertson Cabell m. James B. Paulett

Robert Bolling Cabell m. Anne E. Herndon

George W. Cabell m. Mary R. Williams

Mary Ann Hopkins Cabell m. E.L. Willard

Elizabeth Meade Bolling m. Archibald Robertson (7G)

Elizabeth Jane Robertson

Rebecca Robertson

Pocahontas Anne Robertson m. —— Bolling

Virginia B. Robertson m. Ralph Graves

Blair Bolling m. M.A. Webster

Archibald Bolling m. Eliza Trueheard Armistead

John Bolling m. Maria Page Armistead

Mary Susan Bolling m. Gervas Storrs Burton

Paulina Bolling

Anne Bolling m. William Dandridge

John Dandridge m. —— Underwood

Bolling Dandridge m. —— ——

William Dandridge m. —— ——

Nathaniel West Dandridge m. Martha H Fontaine

Charles F Dandridge m. —— McGhee

William F. Dandridge m. —— Stith

Anna Dandridge m. W. Hereford

Martha Dandridge m. R. Bolton

Nathaniel West Dandridge m. H. Wylie

Rosalie Dandridge m. W.D. Bradford

Ann Dandridge m. Frederick James

—— James m. —— Utz

Jane Butler Dandridge m. Jos. D. Logan

James W. Logan m. S.W.Strother

Jane Bolling m. Richard Randolph

Richard Randolph m. Nancy Meade

Richard Randolph m. Maria Beverley

Robert B. Randolph m. Maria Beverly

William Randolph

Maria B. Randolph m. Philip Duval

David Meade Randolph m. Molly Randolph (7G)

William B. Randolph m. Sarah Lingan

Brett Randolph m. Lucy Beverley

Edward Bland Beverly Randolph

Carter Beverley Randolph m. Ann Tayloe Farrar

Victor Moreay Randolph m. Augusta Granberry

Franklin Randolph m. Ann Corbin

Theodoric Randolph m. —— Brand

Ryland Randolph m. Elizabeth Frayzer

—— Randolph m. —— ——

—— Randolph m. —— ——

Susanna Randolph m. Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison m. —— Mercer

Jane Randolph m. Archibald Bolling (5G)

Ann Randolph m. Brett Randolph Jr. (6G)

Kidder Randolph m. Betsey Montague

Howard Randolph m. —— Meade

Anne Randolph m. Joseph Michaux

Susan Randolph m. Frank Watkins

Brett Randolph

Patrick Randolph

Elizabeth Randolph m. David Meade

John E. Meade m. Rebecca Beverley

Charlotte Meade m. J.Y. Stockwell

Rebecca Meade m. James Lea

Mary Randolph m. William Bolling (6G)

Sarah Randolph m. William Mewburn

Brett Randolph m. Mary Scott

Henry Randolph m. Lucy Ward

Henry Randolph m. Caroline Matilda Smith

Mary Randolph m. George Thornton

Brett Randolph

Catharine Cochrane Randolph m. Josiah B. Abbott

Susan Frances Randolph m. Alexander Lawson Botts

Susanna Randolph m. Charles Douglass

Susan Mary Ann Douglass m. —— Wallace

Charles Brett Douglass

Archibald Aberdeen Douglass

Heartly Douglass

Eliza Randolph Douglass

Brett Randolph m. Anne Randolph (6G)

John Randolph m. Frances Bland

Richard Randolph m. Judith Randolph

Tudor Randolph

St. George Randolph

John Randolph

Mary Randolph m. Archibald Cary

Anne Cary m. Thomas Mann Randolph

Mary Randolph m. David Meade Randolph

Elizabeth Randolph m. Robert Pleasants

Thomas Mann Randolph m. Martha Jefferson

William Randolph m. Lucy Randolph

Judith Randolph m. Richard Randolph (6G)

Ann Cary Randolph m. Gouverneur Morris

Jane Randolph m. Thomas Esten Randolph

John Randolph m. Judith Lewis

Harriet Randolph m. Richard Randolph

Virginia Randolph m. Wilson J. Cary

Jane Cary m. Thomas Isham Randolph

Archibald Cary Randolph m. Lucy Burwell

Thomas Cary Randolph m. Mary Skipwith

Isham Randolph m. Ann R. Coupland

Mary Randolph m. Randolph Harrison

Elizabeth Cary m. Robert Kincaid

Mary J. Kincaid m. Charles Irving

Mary Cary m. Carter Page

John Cary Page m. Mary A. Trent

Henry Page m. —— Deane

Mann Page m. Jane Walker

Mary Page

Jane Randolph m. Anthony Walke

Anthony Walke m. Ann McClenahan

Edwin Walke

David Meade Walke

John N.Walke

Anthony Walke m. Jane Ritson

Edwin Walke m. Sarah Massenburg

Susan M. Walke m. Charles H. Shield

John N. Walke m. —— Land

Jane E. Walke m. Richard Watson

Elizabeth Randolph m. Richard Kidder Meade

Mary Bolling m. John Fleming

Thomas Fleming m. —— Randolph

Mary Fleming m. Warner Lewis

Julia Lewis m. Thomas Throckmorton

John Lewis m. Eleanor Lewis

Sukey Fleming m. Addison Lewis

Susan Lewis m. William Byrd

Lucy Fleming m. John Markham

Mary Bolling Fleming m. Beverley Chew Stanard

Eliza J.F. Stanard m. Samuel O. Eggleston

John C. Stanard m. Sarah T. Thurston

Julia A.V. Stanard m. A.L. Wooldridge

Daniel Bernard m. —— Branch

Cyril Bernard

Christopher Bernard m. —— ——

John Fleming

William Fleming m. Elizabeth Champe

Charles Fleming

Mary Fleming m. William Bernard

Caroline Fleming m. James Deane

Elizabeth Bolling m. William Gay

William Gay m. Frances Trent

William Gay m. Lucy Harrison Coupland

Peterfeld Gay m. —— Christian

B. Franklin Gay m. —— Baptist

Elizabeth Gay m. Efford Bentley

Eliza Gay Bentley m. Daniel Harris

William Field Bentley m. Sarah Dupree

Fanny Trent Bentley m. William Houston

Efford Bolling Bentley m. Lucy W. Chamberlayne

John Gay Bentley m. Judith Thompson

Maria Buchanan Bentley m. Daniel B. Friend

Alexander Willis Bentley m. —— Peters

Lavinia Bentley m. William Roper

Thomas Bolling Gay m. Elia Archer

Ellen Gay m. Jacob Skein

Delia Gay

William Gay m. —— Jackson

Eliza Gay

Powhatan A.Gay

Virginia F.Gay

Bolling Gay

Neil B. Gay m. Martha Talley

William Gay m. Sarah Bruce

Neil B. Gay m. Mary Bunn

Martha Gay m. —— Perkins

Pocahontas VGay

Ann Caroline Gay

Mary B. Gay m. Gideon A Strange

William Gay Strange

Edward Scott Gay m. Catharine N. Tazewell (7G)

Matoaca Gay

Louisa Gay m. Robert C. White

Edward S. Gay m. Sarah Ewell

Caroline Gay m. Charles P. Winston

Minnie W.Gay

Ann H. Gay m. Charles H. Scott

Charles S. Gay m. Margaret Erskine

Charles Wyndham Gay

Henry Erskine Gay

Frences B. Gay m. R.H. Catlett

Lizzie E.Gay

William Gay

Agatha Estell Gay

Caroline Scott Gay m. W.M. Allen

Sally Gay m. James B. Ferguson (6G)

Judith Gay Ferguson m. J.A. Carr

Pocahontas Ferguson m. J.M. Vaughan

James B. Ferguson m. Emma C. Henry

Mary Francis Ferguson

William Gay Ferguson m. Margaret Bryce

Elizabeth Gay m. Thomas Bolling (5G)

Mary Gay m. Neil Buchanan

Martha Bolling m. Thomas Eldridge

Jenny Eldridge

Rolfe Eldridge m. Susan Everard Walker

Rolfe Eldridge m. Mary Moseley

Susanna Eldridge m. James Austin

Lucy Eldridge m. James Fitzgerald

Lucy Eldridge m. B. Austin

Delia Eldridge m. Robert Kincaid Irving

William Eldridge m. —— Nixon

Mildred Kidder Eldridge m. William M. Cabell

Benjamin Eldridge m. Elizabeth Perkins

John Eldridge m. Sarah Moseley

Frances Eldridge m. Samuel A. Glover

Susan Eldridge m. —— Webber

Thomas Webber m. Mary Ayres

Courtney T. Eldridge m. Jonathan Williams

Thomas Eldridge m. Mary Ayres

Courtney Tucker Eldridge m. John Williams

Mary Eldridge m. Thomas Branch

Bolling Branch m. Rebecca Graves

Mary Susan Branch m. John F. Wiley

William Brandh m. —— ——

Sally Branch m. Edward Gregg

Matthew Branch m. Martha Cox

Polly Branch m. Thomas May

Judith Eldridge m. James Ferguson

James B. Ferguson m. Jane Bolling (6G)

Jane Elvira Ferguson m. Peachy R. Grattan

Martha Eldridge m. John Harris

Pamela Harris m. Christopher McRae

Anne Bolling m. James Murray

William Murray m. Rebecca Bolling (6G)

Anne Murray m. Thomas Robinson

William Murray Robinson m. Sarah A. Mills

Robert Emmett Robinson m. Adeline Dewees

Powhatan Robinson m. Anne Eason

Mary Murray m. George Skipwith

Robert Skipwith m. Jane Rolfe Bolling (7G)

William M.Skipwith

George N. Skipwith m. Maria L. Brooks

Cornelia Lotte Skipwith m. James M. Whittle (7G)

Thomas Bolling Skipwith m. Emma Darrieux

William Murray m. Rebecca Skelton

Rebecca B.Murray

Matoaca Murray m. C.L. Gifford

Nannie S. Murray m. J.B. Wiley

Louisa S.Murray

Mary Murray

Cornelia S.Murray

Gay Bernard Murray m. Lewis E. Rawlins

John Murray m. Susan Yates

Elizabeth Murray m. Edward Yates

Mary Yates m. William Hamlin

Elizabeth Yates

Anne Murray m. Jesse Brown

Sukey Murray m. Theodore Bland Ruffin

James Murray m. —— ——

Peggy Murray m. —— Elam

Anne Murray m. Neil Buchanan

—— Buchanan m. —— Cross

—— Cross m. Robert Yuillee

Margaret Murray m. Thomas Gordon

Nancy Gordon m. Henry Embry Coleman

Ann Gordon m. Henry Embry Coleman

Elizabeth Ann Coleman m. Charles Baskerville

Mary Margaret Coleman m. Richard Logan

John Coleman m. Elizabeth Clark

Thomas Gordon Coleman m. Anne Clarke

Henrietta Maria Coleman m. John Clarke

Henry E. Coleman m. Mary Turner

Ethelbert Algernon Coleman m. Elizabeth Sims

Sarah Coleman m. David Chalmers

Charles Coleman m. Sarah Eaton

Jane C. Coleman m. Charles E. Hamilton

Mary Murray m. Alexander Gordon

Peggy Gordon m. William Knox

Mary Ann Knox m. thomas Goode

Sophia Knox m. John Buford

John F.O.Knox

Henry Green

Mary Ann Davies m. Fortescue Whittle

William Conway Whittle m. Elizabeth Sinclair

Fortescue Whittle

James M. Whittle m. Mary Coles

Conway D. Whittle m. Gilberta Sinclair

John S. Whittle m. Jane Patterson

Lewis Neale Whittle m. Sarah M. Powers

Stephen Decatur Whittle m. Nannie Taylor

Francis McNeece Whittle m. Emily Fairfax

Powhatan Bolling Whittle

James Murray m. Martha Ward

Mary Murray m. Edmund Harrison


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