The East Block of Parliament. The large tower at left is designed to look like a face, whose eyes follow you wherever you walk around Parliament Hill.

Rideau Falls. Ottawa was founded for the purpose of building a canal to bypass these falls, providing a safe water passage from the St. Lawrence River to Lake Ontario without having to go past American territory.

Turtle Island. A re-creation of Indian living experiences on Victoria Island, in the middle of the Ottawa River. This place has one of the best views of Ottawa.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec. Hull is just across the river from Ottawa.

Someone built this ring of stacked stones near the river on the Quebec side. I called it PebbleHenge, and later learned about the Inuksuit, which are stone structures placed by the Inuit (Eskimos) in the Far North.

We went to see the Tulip Festival, which included at least two parades: one at night, another the following afternoon.

The lady in the red jacket must be some local TV celebrity. This shot was made while we were waiting for the parade to start. The camera said "CPTV."

This honey bear was everywhere. Had some meaning for kids.

This one also had a bagpipe and drum corps.

Long Sault.

These amphibs are used as tour busses. Kind of funny to see them in either environment - a boat driving in the streets, or a bus floating down the river.

Well, the theme was "Britannia."

These pipers were in an open-air mall one block from Parliament Hill.

Among all the pomp and statues, there is this ramshackle sanctuary for stray cats on Parliament Hill. Can you imagine such a thing in Washington? The black animal is not a cat.

Statues. The Queen is on Parliament Hill. Manny, Moe, and Jack are a couple of blocks away.

Homage to Tiny Tim.