Millville airport was a P-47 training base during World War II. City Hall is decorated with a commemorative mural in honor of those pilots.

Mooneys begin to arrive,,,

... and park.
We couldn't all park together because there weren't enough adjacent spots for 12 Mooneys.

The Flight Line found room for all of us inside, though. Barely.

Stan's paint job. What color is it? It all depends on your point of view. Literally.

Later on, some of the group visited the small museum on the airport. A few of us went to the glass museum at Wheaton Village, where we watched Pat Howe make a glass bowl.

These are glass targets, used in the same way clay pigeons are used today. The ball was filled with feathers, so it was very obvious when a shooter hit his "bird."

This entire ship is made of glass.