Several intrepid pilots got together for a fly-in, picnic, tale-telling, airplane-gawking, good time at the Griswold Airport in Madison, Conn. this is one of the last great grass-roots airports in the area. It is for sale, and the likely buyer has condos on the mind. So we want to enjoy the place as much as we can, while it's still there.

About 20 airplanes flew in, mostly Grummans. We tried to get some Mooney pilots interested, but there were no takers. We even had a Follow-Me truck.

There's ample parking on either side of the unpublished grass runway.
First two pictures by Peter Bruckner.

The helicopter is based at Madison. Its owner uses it for aerial photography.

Would you believe? Some folks even arrived overland.

The day turned out on the chilly side. This was good for the appetite, although some of the cold drinks went begging.

The only casualty of the day. One of the pilots broke a rudder cable on landing back home.