Blue Sky Flight School

FAR 61.87(b) Student Pre-solo Examination - STUDY GUIDE

On a sectional chart, how do you identify an airport that has a control tower?
AIM 2-3-2 What is a displaced threshold, and how is it used?
AIM 2-3-6 How is a closed runway or taxiway marked?
AIM 4-1-9 What is a CTAF, and how is it used?
What is Unicom, and how is it used?
AIM 4-1-14 What is the normal transponder code for VFR operations below FL 180?
What transponder code must never be used?
AIM 4-3-4 Unless otherwise directed by the tower, where should the traffic pattern be entered, and at what angle?
Explain the standard procedures for departing the traffic pattern.
What is the standard pattern altitude for light aircraft at both controlled and uncontrolled airports?
AIM 4-3-14 After you have landed and cleared the runway, the controller instructs you to "contact Ground point eight." What do you do?
AIM 6-2-2 What is the transponder code for emergency operations?
AIM 7-2-2 If no local altimeter setting is available, how should you set your altimeter before takeoff on a local flight?
AIM 7-3-2..4 How do you detect the presence of wake turbulence behind a large aircraft? What aircraft characteristics are associated with the strongest wake turbulence? What wind condition requires maximum caution for wake turbulence on landing?
AIM 7-3-6 When landing behind a large aircraft you should land ____________________ his point of touchdown.
FAR 61.3 What documents are you required to have in your possession at all times when operating an aircraft in flight?
FAR 61.51 What documents are you required to have in your possession at all times when operating an aircraft in flight?
FAR 61.87 Your logbook must be endorsed by a flight instructor for you to conduct solo flight as a student pilot. How recently?
FAR 61.89 When may a student pilot request special VFR (FAR 91.157)?
May a student pilot, acting as pilot in command, carry passengers in flight?
FAR 61.93 What constitutes a local flight for student pilots?
FAR 61.95 When, if ever, may a student pilot operate in Class B airspace?
FAR 91.9 What documents must be aboard the aircraft at all times?
FAR 91.13 What do the FAA regulations specifically state concerning operation of an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner?
FAR 91.17 May you act as pilot in command while under the influence of alcohol or any other drug that affects your facilities contrary to safety?
FAR 91.103 What preflight action is required of a pilot?
FAR 91.107 Who must wear seatbelts and shoulder harnesses, and at what times during any flight?
FAR 91.111 What are the restrictions on the proximity of one aircraft to another in flight?
FAR 91.113 If an airplane is converging at approximately the same altitude with a glider, which has the right of way?
When two or more aircraft are approaching head on, each pilot shall alter course to the ____________.
When two or more aircraft are on final approach at an uncontrolled airport for the purpose of landing, which has the right of way?
You are overtaking another aircraft. To which side do you pass? Who has the right of way?
FAR 91.119 What is the minimum safe altitude specified by regulations for operations over downtown Bridgeport?
Except for takeoff and landing, what is the minimum safe altitude for all operations?
What is the minimum altitude that you can legally fly over the Long Island Sound?
FAR 91.123 When, if ever, are deviations from control tower instructions allowed?
FAR 91.125 Name and explain the ATC light signals.
FAR 91.129 You experience total radio failure in the traffic pattern on the downwind leg. What action would you follow?
What would you do if you experienced radio failure on a local VFR flight?
What are the restrictions to operating in Class D airspace?
When is a pilot required to comply with the instructions of a tower while operating in a Class C, D, or E surface area?
Ground control has cleared you to "taxi to Runway 6," but you must cross Runway 29 to get there. May you cross Runway 29 without further clearance? May you taxi onto Runway 6 without further clearance?
In what direction should a pilot circle the airport when approaching to land at an airport with a control tower?
What does the law say about your glide path on a runway served by VASI?
FAR 91.130 What must a pilot do before entering Class C airspace?
FAR 91.151 What is a legal fuel load for any daytime VFR flight?
...for night VFR?
FAR 91.155 What are the basic VFR weather minimums for operating within a control zone?
What are the VFR weather minimums outside controlled airspace and below 1200 feet AGL? How does this apply to student pilots?
FAR 91.157 What is special VFR?
FAR 91.203 What documents must be aboard the aircraft at all times?
FAR 91.215 What is Mode C, and what is the FAR requirement for its use?
What instrument will become inoperative if the pitot tube is blocked?
FTM 14 What is the purpose of wing flaps?
FTM 48 Why do we use a written checklist for pre-flight inspection, engine start, and all phases of flight?
FTM 42 What is the purpose of a rudder on an airplane?
What makes an airplane turn?
FTM 137 During turns about a point, when is the maximum bank angle reached?
FTM 150 Define minimum controllable airspeed.
FTM 154 In what flight condition must an airplane be placed before it will spin?
FTM 272 What is ground effect? What is its effective height?
P.O.H. What is the fuel capacity of an AA5? How much is usable in each tank?
What is the oil capacity of an AA5? What is the minumum capacity for flight in an emergency?
What grade of fuel is used in an AA5? What color is it?
What are the following airspeeds for an AA5: Normal approach; Best rate of climb (Vy); Power-off stall, landing configuration, wings level (Vso); Power-off stall, landing configuration, 60° bank; Demonstrated crosswind component
How is Vso (power-off stall, landing configuration) marked on the airspeed indicator?
How do you detect carburetor ice? What do you do about it?
How would you detect alternator malfunction on an AA5?
Describe the "go around" procedure.
When taxiing in a quartering tailwind, how should you position the controls?
What systems and instruments don't work in the event of total electrical failure in an AA5?
What is the universal emergency communication frequency?
What are BDR ATIS, tower, and ground frequencies?