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TC Data Sheets

M20J Mooney

AA5/AG5B series

PA28 series

All Type Certificate Data Sheets


Drawings and Figures

Aluminum Tensile Strength vs Temperature

Carb Ice Envelope

CG Envelope — Tiger Cheetah

Engine Parameters vs Mixture

Engine-out Pattern

Koch Chart — GIF printable   PDF 67K

Patterns A & B (IFR practice)   PDF 127K

"Red Fin" EGT overheating zone

Sectional charts (Canadian)

Sectional charts (US)

Traffic Pattern (Canada)

Traffic Pattern (US)

Traffic Pattern (US)

VFR Weather Minimums

Winds Aloft Sites

Documents and Forms

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AD 99-24-10 (Standby Vac. System) Alternate Compliance   PDF 257K

Application for Waiver (7711-2)   PDF 19K

Change of Address or Lost Certificate

Compensation for Business Use of your Airplane   PDF 39K

Cross-Country Planning Checklist

FAA Airman Certificate Application (8710-1)   PDF 60K
  • its Instructions

ICAO Flight Plan Form   PDF 25K
  • its Instructions   PDF 119K
  • simplified guidance for domestic flights

Major Repair and Alteration (337)   PDF 15K

Mooney Checkout Procedure

NASA ASRS Reporting Form   PDF 60K

Navigation log form (kneeboard)   PDF 117K

Navigation log form   PDF 64K

NTSB Accident Report Form 6120.1   PDF 251K

Student Pilot Study Guide

Sunrise and Sunset Tables: BDR, 2023

U.S. Airports with Customs Inspection

U.S. Pilots Flying to and within Canada

US Passport Application   PDF 70K


AGAC Tiger Info

Breaking In an Engine

How to Tie a Tautline Hitch

Piston Engine Cruise Efficiency (Byington)


The Impossible Turn   PDF 251K

More Articles and Stories, Mostly About Flying


Density Altitude Computer

Examiner — Find a Medical Examiner

Examiner — Find a Pilot Examiner (Windsor Locks FSDO is EA63)

Weight & Balance Calculators


Advisory circulars

Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)

Air Traffic Control (7110.65Y)

Airman Certification Standards

Airport Taxi Diagrams

Airworthiness Directives

All the Airport Codes in the World (over 12,000)

Approach Plates (Download)

Aviation Formulary

Aviation Glossary

Canadian Aviation Regulations


FAA Air Traffic Publications

FAA Handbooks and Manuals

Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators

Airplane Flying Handbook

Aviation Weather 1-3   4-6   7-9   10-12   13-15   16-Index

Aviation Weather Services

Chart User's Guide

Instrument Flying Handbook

Instrument Procedures Handbook

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Weight & Balance Handbook


Knowledge Test Guides

Lycoming Service Bulletins


Pilot-Controller Glossary

Practical Test Standards

See How it Flies

Subject matter knowledge codes   PDF 356K

Supplemental Type Certificates

True Airspeed Calculator

World Airport Codes