Planning a Cross-Country Flight

More Cross-Country Planning

Cross-Country Navigational Problems

For U.S. Pilots Flying to and Within Canada

How to Tie a Tautline Hitch

Breaking In an Engine

Meet the Yankee   (from Flying Magazine)

Grumman Airplane Performance Charts

US Airspace — (•) Normal and (•) Special Use

Skew-T for the Common Pilot

TORA! TORA! TODA! — Runway Declared Distances

Measuring Your Takeoff

Specific to BDR

Approaching BDR (Bridgeport, Conn.) from the Northeast

What Happened to Carney Aviation?

It's Not All About Flying

A Different View of the Holocaust Story

Camperdown Elms and other Tortured Trees

Wandering Through the Solar System

How Long Is Your Lens?

Croton Landing Memorial Sundial

The Sundials of Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport Viking Days


Photographing the Analemma

Calibrating the Analemma Scene

Landing the Four-Place Grumman

A Different View of the Holocaust Story

The Possible 'Impossible' Turn