Getting Map Coordinates

The little markers () in the page that sent you here are meant to help you find the place with your favorite map site or GPS app. When you click that icon, a new window will pop up, with some numbers in it. These are the coordinates of the Sun model for the site you chose, in a standard format. The minus sign just means that it's in the Western Hemisphere.

To grab these numbers for use in your map program or app, just put them on the Clipboard and close the window. If you're using a "legacy" computer (the kind with a keyboard), hold the Control (Command) key, and type "A C W". This selects everything in the window, copies it to the clipboard, and closes the window. There are other ways to do this, but that's the simplest.

Then open your map program and paste into the search window, like this. Click in the search window and use a Paste function (ctrl/cmd-"V"). Then Enter, or click the search icon, and wait for the chosen location to show up on the map. If you want directions, you should already know how to get them. The steps vary a bit from one application to the next.

If you're using a mobile device, it's a little more complicated, but not much. When the new window with the numbers shows up, copy its information this way. Long-press one of the numbers and wait for the context menu to show up. Then tap "Select All" and "Copy", or your local equivalent.

Next, browse to your map program or invoke your GPS app, and just paste in the coordinates.