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US Flights on ICAO Flight Plan
Simplified Guidance

Item 10 — Equipment and Capabilities

As of November 2013, the FAA does not require any indication of

  1. Communications Capabilities
  2. Approach Capability
  3. LORAN C
  4. 8.33 kHZ VHF
  5. Mode S Transponder
  6. ADS-C
  7. ADS-B using VDL Mode 4

Therefore, only the following codes need to be provided in Field 10 when applicable:

  • Nav. Comm. Approach (Field 10a):
  • S (Standard)
  • D (DME)
  • G (GNSS)
  • I (INS)
  • O (VOR)
  • R (PBN)
  • T (TACAN)
  • W (RVSM)
  • Z (other)
  • Surveillance (Field 10b):
  • A (xpdr, no Moce C)
  • C (xpdr, Mode C)
  • B1 (ADS-B, 1090ES, Out)
  • B2 (ADS-B, 1090ES, Out/In)
  • U1 (ADS-B, UAT, Out)
  • U2 (ADS-B, UAT, Out/In)


Item 18 — Other Information

The following indicators should be included when applicable. All other indicators are not necessary for domestic-only flights.

  • STS/ (Special Handling)
  • PBN/ (Performance Based Navigation)
  • NAV/ (Optional for PBN)
  • SUR/ (for ADS-B)
  • DEP/ (Non-std. Departure Point)
  • DEST/ (Non-std. Destination)
  • REG/ (Registration)
  • TYP/ (Non-std. Type of A/C)
  • CODE/ (ICAO Address)
  • DLE/ (Delay at a fix)
  • RMK/ (Remarks)

See the quick reference brochure or AIM Section 5-1-9 for entries allowed in each of the above indicators.