This site is here because another one disappeared. For almost thirty years, Carney Aviation provided light airplanes at Bridgeport, Connecticut. When the business closed suddenly in 2008, it had a web site with some useful features.

a small Aviation Library

several hundred Links

Articles, mainly about flying

Destinations — what to do after you've landed

Weight & Balance calculators

weather charts: today, short term, a full week

I also used the site to post stories about some of the trips we've taken. Except for England, they all used light airplanes.

England, 2000

Laconia, New Hampshire, 2000

Ottawa, Ontario, 2001

Cody, Wyoming, 2002

Door County, Wisconsin, 2003

Eastern Canada, 2003

Carnaval de Québec, 2004

Baraboo, Wisconsin, 2004

Sacramento, California, 2005

Glens Falls, New York, 2007
  — and the Second Geological Air Tour

Burlington, Iowa, 2008

Red Deer, Alberta, 2009

Dayton, Ohio, 2010

Maritime Provinces, 2012

Arlington, Washington, 2013

Brunswick, Maine, 2015

Take a short trip of your own — visit The Lady.

Here's a trip that had an unexpected ending.

Some of the weekend fly-ins are also worth remembering.

Alton Bay, N.H., 2000–2010

Bridgeport, Conn. (Grumman), 2000

Millville, N.J. (Mooney), 2002

Millville, N.J. (Grumman), 2002

New Bedford, Mass. (Grumman), 2002

Middlesboro, Ky. (Mooney), 2003

Rome, Ga. (Mooney), 2003

Madison, Conn., 2004

Bar Harbor, Me. (Grumman), 2013

Rutland, Vt. (Grumman), 2016